Particule ombre

for 6-channel electronics
7 minutes

Program Note

Shadow Particles is a 6-channel work that explores how we perceive sonic information, and an idea centered around music “between spaces”. I was particularly interested in how I could use beating patterns, combination tones, and microtonal deviations as a means to generate tension, rhythm, or create direction in the work. The original sound sources are almost entirely derived from techniques produced by my own voice. Some are nearly untouched, while others are continually manipulated, distorted, reconfigured, or combined to create entirely new sonic fields.

Additionally, I was deeply interested with not only how I could create or manipulate extra-musical materials, but also how I could shape the perception and propagation of these materials throughout the piece. The result is a multichannel work that attempts to not envelop the listener, but rather to create a unique field of propagation that attempts to color one’s perception of sound and space.