Nik standing in his home.

About Me

Nik Jeleniauskas is a creative polymath who’s always loved solving problems and making things — whether that’s designing or developing digital products, writing music, or performing on stage.

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I’ve been making products as a designer and developer for more than a decade. And in that time I’ve worked on lots of different challenges: from community building and gamification, to data, analytics, and management tools, ecommerce, marketing experiences, branding, design systems, and accessibility.

Previously, I was a design lead at Team Liquid where I helped establish their design practice, and led the creation of several new products.

I’m also a design educator helping teams with accessibility and operations, and mentoring designers with their craft.

See my résumé for more.

My Approach

I’ve always seen design as a holistic activity. And because of my multidisciplinary experience my expertise spans the entire product development process.

More practically, I help to ensure that products have strong architectural and goal-driven foundations, are designed with clarity and expressiveness, and attend to personal needs; they are finely crafted, performant, and accessible to everyone.

A few central tenets of my work are:

Design Philosophy
  • Start with those who need the most help.

    Accessibility and inclusion are the foundations of a good experience, and must be fully integrated into the process to be truly achieved.

  • Share knowledge, and grow your peers.

    It’s not enough for a designer to just do good work. They must share their knowledge and grow those around them. This is the key to building a great product, or team.

  • Everything is meaningful.

    The difference between a good experience and a great one is understanding how even the smallest of details can influence a user’s perception or behavior.

  • The right way is not always the known way.

    Practice skepticism and go beyond to understand why something exists. Only then can you truly know how to wield it.


  • Having worked intensively with him on design systems, documentation and web-accessibility guidelines, I can’t remember any colleague or friend being as meticulous as Nik. It’s rare to see such attention to detail and semantics as working with Nik infectiously moves you to look one step further.

    Luuk Barten
    Lead Front-End Developer, Team Liquid
  • Nik takes the extra step to ensure code, design, and functionality is always inclusive. His work is extremely intentional and specific. What’s more, Nik has a history of knowledge far beyond the scope of design and development. He has shown me what to expect in working with an amazing lead or executive designer.

    Indu Reddy
    Associate Creative Director, Crunchyroll
  • Nik is incredibly open minded and curious, and will always give feedback & criticism careful consideration. And his unique insights from his multi-talented background have contributed to creating approaches & solutions we wouldn't have even considered, much less entertained.

    He's incredible at finding color in black and white—so the "boring work" is almost never boring, and the difficult-to-swallow becomes easy-to-digest.

    Tiffany Peng
    Associate Creative Director, Team Liquid
  • Nikolas has the ability to take some of the densest information and be able simplify it for others to understand. He has a unique approach that combines both creative and scientific techniques to things.

    Stacey Yamada
    Brand Design Lead, Team Liquid

People I've Worked With

  • Team Liquid
  • Eastman School of Music
  • Electronic Sports League
  • Society for New Music
  • Mountain Dew
  • Esports Entertainment Association League
  • WCNY
  • Indiana University
  • FX Open Esports
  • Syracuse University