Earthe Dances

for violin
13 minutes


  1. 1. ГИНКА (Ginka)
  2. 2. Interlude I
  3. 3. Erdgeist
  4. 4. 盆踊り (Bon Odori)
  5. 5. Interlude 2
  6. 6. Ръченица (Ruchenitsa)

Program Note

Originally as a single movement work, Earthe Dances evolved out of the idea to develop a suite for violin of dance-like movements indicative of the renaissance instrumental dance suite. The title is derived from the overarching idea that forms the superstructure of the piece; this is also reflected in its orthography. While not overtly imitative of the original model, the piece does share some similarities with its historical counterpart whereas most movements are directly influenced or referential in part to a specific type of dance. Though the degree of influence to each movement varies considerably, these inner sections draw from the original ethos rendering their own evocations while interweaving with the whole.