The following pieces were written either for my blog, as technical articles or reviews, pieces on theory, or as a editor/design specialist. Regarding the technical articles or reviews, it is quite common to see published articles/reviews of substantially higher quality than what you would find on more popular technical websites such as cnet, or toms hardware.

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Information for Music and Musicians

Personal Library/Texts

Notation, Orchestration, & Extended Techniques

  • Extensions of Technique for Clarinet and Saxophone, Ronald L. Caravan
    Eastman School of Music; (July 1974)
  • How to Write for Percussion, Samuel Z. Solomon
    Samuel Solomon (March 2004)
  • Music Notation in the Twentieth Century: A Practical Guidebook, Kurt Stone
    W. W. Norton & Company; First Edition (November 17, 1980)
  • Music Notation: A Manual of Modern Practice, Gardner Read
    Taplinger Publishing Company; Second Edition (April 1, 1979)
  • New Directions for Clarinet, Phillip Rehfeldt
    Scarecrow Press; Revised Edition (January 1, 1994)
  • New Sounds for Woodwinds, Bruno Bartolozzi
    Oxford University Press, New York; (1974)
  • The Other Flute: A Performance Manual of Contemporary Techniques, Robert Dick
    Lauren Keiser Music Publishing; Second Edition (1989)
  • Principles of Orchestration, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
    Dover Publications; New Edition (June 1, 1964)
  • The Study of Orchestration, Samuel Adler
    W. W. Norton & Company; Third Edition (March 2002)
  • The Technique of Orchestration, Kent Kennan
    Prentice Hall; Sixth Edition (1952)

Theory, History, and Other Texts

  • Analytic Approaches to Twentieth-Century Music, Joel Lester
    W. W. Norton & Company (March 17, 1989)
  • A History of Music and Musical Style, Homer Ulrich and Paul A. Pisk
    Harcourt, Brace & World; (1963)
  • A History of Western Music, Peter J. Burkholder, Donald J. Grout, and Claude V. Palisca
    W. W. Norton & Company; Seventh Edition (July 6, 2005)
  • Harmony, Walter Piston
    Norton; Third Edition (January 1, 1962)
  • Historical Anthology of Music, Volume One, Archibald T. Davidson and Willi Apel
    Harvard University Press; Revised Edition (1957)
  • Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory, Joseph N. Straus
    Prentice Hall; Third Edition (August 28, 2004)
  • Norton Anthology of Western Music, Peter J. Burkholder and Claude V. Palisca
    W.W. Norton & Company; Fifth Edition (July 7, 2005)
  • Modus Novus, Lars Edlund
    Beekman Books Inc; (June 1990)
  • Music Since 1945: Issues, Materials, and Literature, Dan Godfrey and Elliot Schwartz
    Schirmer; First Edition (February 12, 1993)
  • The Complete Musician: An Integrated Approach to Tonal Theory, Analysis, and Listening, Steven G. Laitz
    Oxford University Press, New York; Third Edition (2011)
  • The Grammar of Conducting, Max Rudolf
    Schirmer; (1950)